Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Next Generation of Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection


Things are heating up like never before in today’s commercial kitchens. Appliances heat up faster and cool down slower. And vegetable-based cooking oils burn much hotter, much faster. The need for fire protection that can respond to these unique challenges is undeniable. The NEW COBRA Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System from Amerex rises to these unique challenges with exceptional performance, adaptability, and style. Contemporary stainless steel design throughout the system complements sleek kitchen appliances. 60” nozzle heights don’t interfere with cooking. COBRA is the first commercial kitchen fire suppression system with fully electronic actuation—the NEW STRIKE Electronic Control System. 

The best commercial kitchens are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and reliability of their appliances. At Amerex, we believe the same should be true when it comes to protecting these investments from one of the greatest threats in commercial kitchens— fire. The NEW COBRA Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System is proof that we do not compromise. There’s no other system like it. No other company has it. No commercial kitchen should be without it.
  • Cafeterias
  • Cruise Ships
  • Culinary Schools
  • Delis
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Food Courts
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Military Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • School Cafeterias
  • Sports Complexes/Stadiums


The NEW COBRA Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System combines two proven Amerex protection schemes—ZD “Zone Defense” Overlapping and KP Appliance Specific—into one uniquely engineered system backed by years of real-environment research. Not only does COBRA offer appliance-specific coverage for fixed appliance situations, total flooding zone of protection makes it easily adaptable to kitchen and appliance reconfiguration. So even when your kitchen footprint changes, your system can be adapted for maximum protection. No restaurant system ever has had such flexibility, making the COBRA system, not only the most effective, but the most cost-effective choice over its lifetime.

amerex cobra equipment
amerex cobra equipment close up

Features and Benefits
  • Stainless tubing and plated fittings – looks great!
  • Push-to-lock fittings, an Amerex exclusive! (no threading or reaming pipe)
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Easy to fit, mount and clean
Nozzle Placement
  • Only 5 nozzles: duct, plenum, COBRA Zone of Protection, & Salamander/upright Broiler
  • Zone of Protection standard, nozzle height of 60 inches, no nozzle drops in the cooks way
  • Metal only nozzle caps

Detection – 2 Options
Pneumatic - PRM
  • Field proven technology – PRM tubing
  • Covers the entire hood and plenum, regardless of appliance lay out
  • No conduit to get greased up or cable to seize
  • Easy to clean and maintain

amerex cobra nozzle equipment close up
Electric – Strike Panel
  • Amerex COBRA exclusive with stainless steel enclosure!
  • Fully listed as a release panel to UL 864 with small footprint – 9 1/2” x 7 1/2” x 2 1/2”
  • Both thermal wire and spot detection available
  • Stand alone – completely battery-powered, including battery back-up
  • No requirement for dedicated 110 VAC Power supply
  • History buffer of events
  • No cable to seize or fusible links to replace – entire system is electric
  • “Plug and Play” design for quick and fool-proof installation
  • Two detection circuits
  • Two zone release circuits
  • Ease to mount, clean and maintain
  • Remote pull station constantly supervised – no cable or pulleys
  • Spot detection for high temperature appliances or for PCU coverage
  • Linear wire detection for the length of the hood, fast installation, fully supervised, and very low maintenance
  • Electrical supervisory contacts for use by building fire alarm system
Agent Cylinders and Cartridges
  • Amerex Cobra exclusive design!
  • Cobra system will fit in all major OEM hood and cabinets
  • Cartridge operated concept in one convenient size
  • Stainless Steel type finish – looks great in the kitchen!
  • Only 2 cartridge sizes featuring a pressure gauge – An Amerex exclusive
  • Field refillable cartridges with a simple recharge procedure
  • Cartridge without puncture disc
  • Cartridges are capable of being monitored for pressure
  • Lightweight aluminum, no corrosion or rusting
  • 12 year hydro test


When fire threatens, one of the best weapons this COBRA has is its STRIKE. An exclusive feature of the NEW COBRA Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System is the NEW STRIKE Electronic Control System (ECS). It can be tied into auxiliary controls such as a building’s alarm system, has a stainless steel enclosure and can be placed anywhere within 100 feet of the agent tank for maximum flexibility.

amerex cobra nozzle equipment close up

  • Small footprint – 9 1/2”x7 1/2”x2 1/2”
  • Two detection circuits
  • Two suppression zone release circuits
  • Easy to mount, clean and maintain the detection
  • Remote pull station constantly supervised—no cables or pulleys
  • No fuse links, brackets, conduit or pulley elbows
  • Spot detection for high temperature appliances or for detection at PCUs
  • Linear wire detection, one line for the length of the hood, fast installation, fully supervised, low maintenance—no splicing
  • Fail-safe gas shut off capability
  • Electrical supervisory contacts for use by building fire alarm system
  • Electrical contacts provided for shutdown of electric appliances
  • Designed to fit in all major OEM end cabinets

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